Java Function Interface

  • apply() (Abstract Method for Functional Interface) -> Applies this function to the given argument.
  • compose() (Default Method)-> Returns a composed function that first applies the before function to its input, and then applies this function to the result.
  • andThen() (Default Method) ->Returns a composed function that first applies this function to its input, and then applies the after function to the result.
  • identity() (Default Method) -> Returns a function that always returns its input argument.

Function<T,R> func = doSomething(return R Type);

func.apply(T type param);

* A Function interface takes the Integer parameter and returns a
* Double type value that returns the Square of the value;
Function<Integer,Double> square = s -> Math.pow(s,2);
//Output : 25
UnaryOperator<String> unaryOperator = s -> s.toUpperCase();
//Output : HEY




Software Engineer , Berlin , @devyigitk twitter

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Yigit Kader

Yigit Kader

Software Engineer , Berlin , @devyigitk twitter

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