“ This interface does the opposite of the Consumer interface. So it doesn’t take anything as input but returns a value. “

Supplier has only one method which name is “ T get() ”

public interface Supplier<T> {
T get();

And here is some examples about using

///# Example 1Supplier<String> sayHello = () -> "Hello";
//Output : Hello
* Create a random number generator with using Supplier
Supplier<Integer> getRandomNumberBetween1And100 = () -> new SecureRandom().nextInt(100);
//Output : Random Number Between 1 and 100

In short, there are uses in this way..

Also there are auxiliary sub-interfaces in primitive types and boolean value.

BooleanSupplier: Returns a back boolean value.
IntSupplier: Returns an int value.
DoubleSupplier: Returns a double value.
LongSupplier: Returns a long value back.